Wilbur Soots’s Minecraft Skin Template

Wilbur Soots’s Minecraft Skin Template

Wilbur Soot is an extremely popular Minecraft streamer. He has about six million subscribers. YouTube Channel. His Minecraft skin is a popular choice among his fans. They can use it to show appreciation, or even to trick their friends. While most streamers don’t change their skins often, Wilbur does. We do have the images files for some his most well-known ones, however.

Wilbur Soots’s Skins

These image files show Wilbur’s current skins. Start by right-clicking on any of these files and selecting Save Image File.

How do you install?

It is easier than ever to install a Minecraft skin. This will only work for the Java Version of Minecraft. There is currently no way to install custom skins on the Bedrock Edition. To install the skin, simply use the image below and follow the instructions. To make it easier, the instructions are colored.

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  • Step One (Yellow Arrow), To navigate to the Skins tab, open the Minecraft Client.
  • Step 2 (Red Arrow), Click New Skin in the Skins tab to open the page that allows you to import a skin.
  • Step 3 (Blue Arrow): On the New Skin page click Browse to open a file explorer.
  • Step Four (Green Arrow),: Open the file explorer and navigate to the folder where the skin file is located (usually in your Download directory). Double-click the folder to select it.

Once you’ve done that, click Save & Use to finish importing it to your game and use it as your skin!

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