Genshin Impact is an enormous game that features tons of five-star characters. It’s no surprise that Yae Miko’s special character release didn’t go as smoothly. Although she was long anticipated by players it became clear that she was not the five-star player they were looking for.

Yae Miko has made players mad ClunkyHer Elemental Skill, ‘Cast of Honor’, is expensive and has no invincibility frames. Players around the globe have complained about this, especially the CN fanbase as highlighted by YouTuber Emergency Food.

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Yae’s Elemental Skill Three buttonsInstead of the single press that is used on other support units, this combo uses the double press. Because she doesn’t have any invincibility frames for placing totems, enemies can easily interrupt the combination. Even her Burst is considered troublesome because it requires constant attention.90 energy Cast.

This makes it necessary to pair her with a battery character such as Raiden Shogun to work properly. She is difficult to use due to these problems. META TeamsEven casual players might be a little confused by the difficulty of sending out all three of her items.

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