Thoma is just one of many new characters that are coming to Genshin ImpactAfter the Version 2.0 update was released on July 21, 2021. Travelers may encounter Thoma because he is the chief retainer. This will be just before the highly-anticipated meeting. Ayaka.

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Screenshot via miHoYo

The information that has been released so far on Thoma suggests that he is a kind and caring individual who works closely with the Kamisato Clan. Thoma might have his own secrets, though.

Genshin ImpactXiao Luohao from the Head of Creative Concept and Writing Team at Xiao Luohao stated that Thoma:

His hair is blond, which is different than most Inazuma characters. And, naturally, his identity remains a bit mysterious. His personality is very open-minded and observant. He is a mature companion and serves as the chief retainer for the Kamisato Clan.

Thoma is expected to use a Pyro polearm. According to SukunaOn Twitter, Thoma is likely to be a 4-star character.

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