Who is the Guy from Fortnite?

Who is the Guy from Fortnite?

Fortnite’s collaboration characters can all be called the Guy from Fortnite. The NFL has recently named Dwayne Johnson “The Rock” Johnson the Guy from Fortnite, after Johnson introduced two teams to the NFL Superbowl. Fortnite Chapter 2 saw The Rock make his way to Fortnite. After Epic Games and Apple released a document detailing future collaborations, speculations were high that he was associated with Fortnite.

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Fortnite’s Foundation was taken over by The Rock. The Foundation is one the most important and iconic characters in Fortnite. He’s also the leader of The Seven. Despite this, Rock’s Foundation will likely continue to be part of the game’s storyline for some time.

Screenshot taken by Cheaterboss.net via NFL YouTube

The Rock is a great entertainer and one of the most popular in sports entertainment history. The NFL even dubbed him “The Guy from Fortnite” to emphasize how popular The Rock really is and how popular Fortnite as a video game is. You can see the Superbowl video here.

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