Genshin Impact loves to tease players with new characters every update. If you were there, you would have seen theTeyvat Chapter Storyline Preview – Travail video When the game launched, you probably knew about several characters that would be coming soon. Cyno is one of the most well-known characters.

We have plenty of information on Cyno, despite not being mentioned in the original game. He is a confirmedPole-arm userThat’s it! Sumeru He was featured in the video that introduced the region’s many like Ayaka and Ningguang as well as Diluc. This almost guarantees that he will be among the first Sumeru banners.

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Cyno is certain to be a part of the story. He played a significant role at the conclusion of the Genshin Impact Mange. Cyno is one the few who know the truth about Collei He is also aware of Fatui’s crooked experiments.

When will Cyno release?

Cyno is likely to be released sooner than other characters. Scaramouche. We can also refer to the release of the second character in the Storyline preview. He should then be on the Sumeru region’s first banner set. It is being speculated that the region will launch in Summer 2022Most likely to occur in July or July.

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