Who are the Yaksha at Genshin Impact

Who are the Yaksha at Genshin Impact

Liyue is an area rich in lore that Genshin Impact lovers should explore. Particularly the Yaksha are closely connected to Genshin Impact’s lore and are frequently referenced during lantern ritual. A future character might also be one of these Yaksha.

The Yaksha is a warrior group.During the Archon, fought for Zhongli WarLater, they wiped out the demons from Liyue. Each of them had visions. However, due to their blood-soaked actions they are constantly fighting against a darkness known as Karma. Karma is what causes Yaksha to either die or turn on their friends.

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Xiao almost lost with his karma. However, he was saved by Venti’s flute In his final moments. There are currently only two Yaksha remaining, one being Xiao The other isA Yaksha who ran away. The missing Yaksha is not known by any of the Adeptus, and Zhongli doesn’t seem to have any information about him.

Also, it should be noted that Contrary to the Adepti like Ganyu the Yaksha are far more prone towards phasing-out and don’t appear to be gods. The Yaksha are also less numerous and have never had children.

It seems like It is possible that the Yaksha missing may become a playable character in the future.He will most likely appear during aFuture year’s lantern rite celebration.

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