Which is better, Vortex Vanquisher or Amos’ Bow? – Genshin Impact Epitomized Path

Which is better, Vortex Vanquisher or Amos’ Bow? – Genshin Impact Epitomized Path

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The strength of the two five-star weapons is very similar and they have identical stats. It really depends on which weapon’s passive effects are most important to the players. It is a good idea to start by reviewing stats and which characters are able to use the weapons effectively. This will help players make the right decision.


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Both the Vortex Vanquisher The Amos’ BowAt Level 90, they have a maximum Attack score of 608 They also get the second stat bonus that raises the wielder’s Attack by 49.6 per cent at the same level.

Golden Majesty

Vortex Vanquisher’s passive increases Shield Strength. 20% Refinement 1. Also, hitting enemies with your weapon will raise your Attack stat. Four percent For Eight seconds You can stack them up to five times. You can increase your bonus by 100 percenIt is possible to have a if the shielded player is present. 500 percent Attack bonus.


The passive for the Amos’ Bow increases Normal and Charged Attacks by 12 percentat Refinement 1. Also, damage to the arrow will increase if a Normal attack or Charged attack is made. Eight percentFor every 0.1 seconds, it travels up five stacks. The maximum bonus is 40 percent.

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Who Can Use It?

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Playstyle is a major factor in which characters can use these weapons, but they are possible for any character who can use them.

Vortex Vanquisher

  • Zhongli– Even though Zhongli can be considered a Support character, this weapon can significantly reduce the investment required for his Charged and Normal Attacks as well as his Elemental burst. The Shield of a DPS Zhongli is the best weapon in the game. It is rare to find a DPS Zhongli, but it is possible for him to become a strong on-field DPS with strong Support DPS characters, such as Xiangling or Xingqiu.
  • Hu TaoThe Staff of Homa (Hu Tao’s favorite weapon) can be used by Shield teams to do massive damage. The best way to keep Hu Tao alive is with a Shield. This shield makes it impossible for enemies to stop Hu Tao and prevents her from being knocked out by any attack.
  • Shenhe – This weapon is available to a Physical DPS Shenhe as part of the Shield team. The Attack bonus of this weapon can increase Shenhe’s damage from her Icy Quills even when she switches. Chongyun also allows Shenhe to be part of a Cryo-Freeze or Melt team, maximizing her Attack and Cryo damage.
  • Rosaria/XianglingThese characters can inflict massive damage with a Physical DPS version, similar to Shenhe. Rosaria will require an Electro user to provide Superconduct, and a Geo character for a shield. Xiangling is easier to master, but it has the most powerful Elemental Bursts available in the game. This will be enhanced by the weapon’s effect.
  • Xiao The Vortex Vanquisher might not seem as attractive when compared to the Primordial jade Spear. While it may seem daunting to manage a Shield as part of a team with Xiao, there are many characters that can do so for the damage bonus. Beidou or Xinyan can shield Xiao to increase his damage, and also deal Overload when paired together. Xingqiu and Beidou can increase Xiao’s damage resistance. This allows him to remain alive while taking a lot of damage.
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Amos’ Bow

  • Ganyu – This weapon is Ganyu’s most powerful, and she has a better chance of winning with anything that increases her Aimed Shots. Ganyu can carry teams without the aid of a five star weapon, but this bow is for those who are looking to completely destroy their enemies.
  • AmberAmber is able to make great use of the Amos’ Bow, which is often overlooked as a free-to-play option. This weapon is even more dangerous because of her ability to be a Physical Defense Prosecutor. She can also spam Normal Attacks to the heart’s content. Amber thrives as a Pyro DPS because of all the Charged Attack and Pyro damage she receives.
  • Tartaglia Childe prefers weapons that increase his Elemental Attacks. However, the Amos Bow increases all attacks equally. Childe can still make good use of the Bow’s bonuses, although it is not always the best choice.
  • YoimiyaYoimiya has strong Normal Attacks and Charged Attacks. This bow is great for her. All her abilities increase her normal and charged attacks, which complements the bow’s passive effects. Yoimiya’s Elemental Skill makes her more dangerous with her Pyro-infused shots. When they run out, Yoimiya’s Charged Shot at level 2 still deals massive Pyro damage.
  • Fischl – The Physical DPS Fischl gets overlooked because she requires Constellations to boost her damage output. However with the Amos Bow, this isn’t necessary. Fischl is a potential DPS with or without Constellations. Oz’s first Constellation allows her to fire additional projectiles when Fischl is doing damage. It is devastating to know that DPS can be fired quickly, but not enough people are aware of it.
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Which Weapon to Choose

The Vortex Vanquisher is more difficult to play. It’s all about personal preference and team composition. The weapon can only be used by Shield characters. Players must also have one, or one they enjoy using. The Amos’ Bow is easy to modify in terms of team composition and builds, but it increases damage by a significant amount. Players should consider all options and go with their gut instincts.

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