Since Roblox Blox Fruit was released, there has been much debate about which fruit is better in terms of combat capabilities, Venom or Dragon. Some feel Dragon is the better fruit because it can fight boss fights with great effectiveness, while others feel Venom should be ranked first due to its high damage. Let’s not waste time and compare the fruits to see which one is best.

Dragon vs Venom – Which fruit is better?

Farming Money & XP

Venom is a powerful tool for farming Money and XP. It has high damage numbers, tick damage, and poison puddle which can be used to deal with it. Dragonic Claw and most attacks have knockback effects that spread enemies far away. 

Verdict: Venom


The transformation of each fruit is equally goodYou can almost eliminate any enemy with them. However, the Dragon transformation can be quite large and takes up most of the screen. This makes it difficult for players sometimes to spot enemy enemies. Players have had frame issues since the Dragon transformation.

Verdict: Venom

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If you compare the prices of both fruits, Venom costs slightly less at $3,000,000 than Dragons stock, which is $3,000.500,000.

Verdict: Venom

Air Superiority

Speed and Damage

Dragon is a strong opponent to air-type players but Venom can take down any fruit user using their speed and raw damage. Venom has one of the highest DPS numbers in the game thanks to abilities like Toxic Fog and Serpents. Combining its dodge and dash move set with Venom, you can easily get behind any player’s blindspot to take them down. Venom is more effective than Dragon in in-ground combat.

Verdict: Venom


All the above comparisons show that Venom is better than Dragon in almost all aspects. However, players can choose any fruit that they are most comfortable and enjoy the most.

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