Where to use a Hologram at Risky Reels or the Sheriff’s Office in Fortnite

Where to use a Hologram at Risky Reels or the Sheriff’s Office in Fortnite

Fortnite’s Rift Tour has been running for a few weeks now. It has provided us with simple challenges that encourage us all to play together. It has provided us with some challenges that we can tackle on our own, such as using a hologram at Risky Reels and the Sheriff’s Office.

Although this quest is straightforward and doesn’t require a lot of effort it’s still a challenging one. Many players don’t know where these landmarks are or where the holograms can found. It is easy to find the holograms at each location. Below is a map and directions that will help you pinpoint where to find them.

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Hologram locations for Rift Tour QuestsHologram locations for Rift Tour Quests

  • The Risky Reels landmark is located directly north of The Aftermath (the purple area at the center of this map). The Hologram can be found in a playground at the northwest corner.
  • Sheriff’s Office: This landmark is located directly northwest of Lazy lake, on a hill that overlooks the river. Near a tree, the Hologram can be found on the north end of the Sheriff’s Office.

The quest will be complete once you have completed the above locations. You are now one step closer towards the Cloud Cruiser Glider

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