Where to Search for a Graffiti-covered Wall at Hydro 16 or Near Catty Corner

Where to Search for a Graffiti-covered Wall at Hydro 16 or Near Catty Corner

Fortnite’s Week 2 Chapter 2 Season 7 Episode 7 is a week long Epic Quest. We will be searching for graffiti-covered walls near Hydro 16 and Catty Corner. The (possibly temporary) official name of the location near Catty Corner is **REDACTED**, but many of us will recognize it as the area where the NPC Special Forces is located. We have provided a detailed guide to show you exactly where the graffiti-covered walls are at each of these locations.

Hydro 16

The graffiti locations at Hydro 16.The graffiti locations at Hydro 16.

You can find the graffiti-covered walls of Hydro 16 by following these directions.

  • Hydro 16 is located at the bottom-left corner on the dam’s east wall.
  • Hydro 16 is situated at the northeast corner, north edge.

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Near Catty Corner

The graffiti locations near Catty Corner.The graffiti locations near Catty Corner.

Follow these directions to locate graffiti-covered walls close to Catty Corner.

  • On the eastern wall of **REDACTED**, the road leading into a (currently inaccessible) underground base.
  • You will find it on the wall near the large entrance to the underground base.

Once you have located the wall, your quest is complete. Are you suspicious of what is happening?

Check out our guide for a complete guide to all the quests of this week. Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7 Week 2 Cheat Sheet.

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