Where to Repair IO Equipment in Fortnite

Where to Repair IO Equipment in Fortnite

Fortnite’s Week 13 Chapter 2 Season 7 Epic Quest is to repair IO Equipment. Many players may remember that we were given a quest to destroy IO Equipment a few weeks prior. We’ll be returning to the exact same spot in this quest to undo the destruction.

Below is a list of all locations you’ll find the IO Equipment. Simply put, you will need to visit the radar dishes below to locate the equipment that needs repair. You should be able to repair the equipment in each location.

IO Equipment to repair locations.IO Equipment to repair locations.

Each building houses the IO Equipment. The red squares indicate their locations. Every radar dish has IO Equipment within close proximity to one another, so any of those shown above will work. However, Destiny Dish (the middle picture) is most likely the least popular drop point. Dinky Dish (the rightimage) is the most hotly contested dish at match start.

Once you have fixed two pieces of IO gear, you are ready to move on with the next quest.

Video Guide

Use the video below to see a video guide that will help you locate the IO Equipment.

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