Where can you find posters in the Lingering Malady quest for Genshin Impairment?

Where can you find posters in the Lingering Malady quest for Genshin Impairment?

Lingering MaladyIs there a global quest for it? Genshin ImpactIt shows the aftermath to Dvalin’s attack against Mondstadt. Although it is one of the easiest quests in the game to complete, finding the poster locations can be difficult if you don’t know where.

Where can I find posters in Lingering Malady?

Note: To unlock Lingering Malady questline, you’ll need Adventure Rank 30, Genshin Impact.

Start Lingering MaladyAramis can be reached outside the Mondstadt Cathedral by speaking to him. Due to recent storms that have ravaged MondstadtAll sorts of items have been thrown off into unreachable areas. Aramis has weak knees that prevent him from carrying out the cleanup work himself. He will ask you to collect the items in his place.

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You will need to locate Four total billboards and postersTo complete this quest. These items are most commonly found on rooftops of stores and houses, but one billboard can be found along the wall outside the Angel’s Share Tavern. Thanks to the image below, you can locate the exact locations of each item. GameWith:


This is the easiest way to get these items. Simply travel to the Teleport Waypoint near the Church of Favonius. Then glide down to the rooftops of nearby houses.

After you have collected the four items, talk to Aramis again. Complete the task. Lingering MaladyEarn 20,000 Mora and three Northern Smoked Chicken dishes. You will also get 100 Adventure EXP. And, the best part, six Hero’s Wit.

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