Where to Leave an IO Car at an Alien Settlement in Fortnite

Where to Leave an IO Car at an Alien Settlement in Fortnite

Fortnite Chapter 2 Episode 7 Week 13 has arrived. This means that we have a new set legendary challenges. This week’s Legendary Challenge is to leave an IO Car in an alien settlement. Although this is a simple quest, it can be challenging to get an IO car. The guide below explains how to accomplish the quest in the easiest manner.

There are many routes you could take to accomplish this quest. We have found that picking up an IO vehicle at Discovery Dish, on the eastern side of the map, is the best way to go. Then, drive the car to Holly Hatchery. Holly Hatchery is the most well-known alien settlement because it is home to the most parasites and aliens.

Where to bring an IO Car to an Alient Settlement.Where to bring an IO Car to an Alient Settlement.

You can see in step 1 of the above image where you can pick up your IO Car. The IO base can be found directly west of Believer Beach on the beach facing the ocean. You can see the location where the IO Car is to be dropped off in step 2. You should be able complete the quest in just a few minutes if you follow this route. Discovery Dish, which is not a very popular drop point, is also relatively safe.

Once you’ve followed the instructions, your quest is considered complete. You are now ready to move on the next Legendary Quest.

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