Where to Forage Bouncy Eggs Hidden Around the Map in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6 Week 3 Legendary Quest

Where to Forage Bouncy Eggs Hidden Around the Map in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6 Week 3 Legendary Quest

Just in time for Easter, Fortnite has released new content to the Battley Royale island. This week’s Legendary Quest requires you to find Bouncy Eggs scattered randomly across the map. Let’s see where they can be found to earn all the XP.

Find Bouncy Eggs in Hidden Places on the Map: Where to Forage Bouncy eggs

It is important to remember that these eggs are all over the map. It is likely that you will find at least one of these eggs in each match. These are a floor loot item so keep your eyes peeled.

You will also find locations where eggs spawn at higher levels in several places. Below is a map that shows the most concentrated egg-spawning areas. Highlighted in yellow are all the egg spawns. We are grateful. Fortnite.GGfor the use of their map drawing utility.

Egg spawns in Fortnite.Egg spawns in Fortnite.

We have found three areas with high egg spawning rates. You can find approximately 12 eggs in one match if you walk along the northern edge of the island. A large cluster can also be found in large open fields surrounding Lake Canoe. You can also find seven eggs in a cluster just West of Primal Pond.

There are many other places to spawn. Please let us know if you spot any other spawn locations on the map. We’d love to confirm your find and add it on our list.

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You can watch the video below to see a guide for egg spawning locations.

Information about Bouncy Eggs

Bouncy eggs are a new Common item you can forage. As stated above, they can be found all throughout the map to celebrate Easter and Fortnite’s Spring Breakout event.

Apart from raking up XP from Legendary Quest, Bouncy Eggs offer some benefits to players. They provide a slight jump boost to the player and protect them from falling damage when they are under their status effect. They also give a small amount Shield, if you haven’t already reached your max.

Information about Legendary Quests

Legendary quests are weekly challenges that award you massive amounts of XP per tier. The tiers generally follow a pattern of increasing numbers but they may increase exponentially which makes it more difficult for higher tiers to be completed.

The Legendary Quest to Obtain Bouncy Eggs this week increases by 10 per tier. You’ll get the following when you finish the first tier. Tactical Quaxes Pickaxe. Below is the list of required thresholds for each tier.

  • Rewards: Tactical Quaxes Pickaxe 35000 XP| Reward: Tactical Quaxes Pickaxe, 35000 XP
  • Tier #2 – 20 Bouncy Eggs | Reward:  24000 XP
  • Tier #3 – 30 Bouncy Eggs | Reward:  24000 XP
  • Tier #4 – 40 Bouncy Eggs | Reward:  24000 XP
  • Tier #5 – 50 Bouncy Eggs | Reward:  24000 XP

For each level of this challenge, you will receive 131000 XP!

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