Genshin Impact can find many materials and resources throughout its globe. These resources can be used for many purposes, including cooking. Pinecones might be one of these materials you could use to cook. Unfortunately, pinecones can only be found in the wild in Genshin Impact.

For pinecones in Genshin Impact you need to look at the bottom of fir trees.These can be identified by their thin branches and trunks. These branches look like a jagged, bushy leaf that starts at the top of the tree.

These are some good places to look for pinecones and fir trees:

  • Brightcrown Mountains and Mondstadt
  • Wolvendom – Mondstadt
  • Dragonspine – Mondstadt
Image via HoYoverse

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When you see pinecones on the ground, all you need to do is walk up and grab them. You can then start cooking with pinecones if you have enough. Recipes that use pinecones are Mondstadt Hash Brown, Puppy-Paw Hash Brown, and Sautéed Matsutake.

To find the best pinecones, search the areas above and keep an eye out for fir trees. These little prickly creatures can make some amazing food in a pinch.

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