Where to Find Name Tags in Minecraft

Where to Find Name Tags in Minecraft

Name Tags were first added to Minecraft in version 1.6, and since then, they have been a commonly sought-after item. They can be used to name any mob other than Ender Dragons, Players, and others. Unfortunately, they are not craftable. Players will need to find them by other means in Survival World. We are here to help.

Where to find Minecraft Name Tags

There are currently only three ways to get Name Tags in Survival: world-generated Loot Chests, Trading, and Fishing. Since these are the most sought-after, let’s begin with Loot Chests.

All different ways to get Name Tags in Minecraft.All different ways to get Name Tags in Minecraft.

Loot chests

There are many different Loot Chests throughout any Minecraft world, but only four of them have a chance of spawning a Name Tag. Below is a list of the different Loot Chests, and the chance that they will spawn a Name Tag.

  • Buried Treasure (Bedrock Only): 34.3%
  • Dungeon: 28.3%
  • Mineshaft: 42.3%
  • Woodland Mansion: 28.3% (Bedrock 27.9%)

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It will be Master-Level Librarian if you have enough trades with a Librarian. They will trade a Nametag for 20 Emeralds at this stage. Although the price is high, it’s worthwhile if your Pig Monsieur Piggles really wants to be named!


A Name Tag can also be caught while you fish! You have a 5-percent chance to catch a treasure when you fish. From there, one-sixth chance that the treasure will be a Name Tag. You have just 1% chance of catching Name Tags every time you fish. You can increase your chances of catching a Name Tag by enchanting your Fishing Rod with the Luck Of The Sea Enchantment.

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Once you have a list of where to buy Name Tags, you will be able to name Mr. Pigglesworth.

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