Where to find Lapis Lazuli Ore in Minecraft 1.18

Where to find Lapis Lazuli Ore in Minecraft 1.18

The way Minecraft generates ore has been drastically altered in Minecraft 1.18. Many ores were affected by this change, but Lapis Lazuli was a major one. It went from being easy to find to more difficult to find.

Lapis Lazuliore will spawn automatically in Minecraft versions 1.18 or higher. The first is between levels -32 to 30, in chunks of 10 blocks. The second is between levels -64 to 64 in smaller collections of blocks with no exposure to blank space or air. Lapis will not spawn outside of the -64 to 64 range.

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This makes it more difficult to mine Lapis than in the past, but also allows you to concentrate your efforts on a specific area. Additionally, as of 1.18 there are two varieties of Lapis Lazuli ore—the traditional Lapis Lazuli ore in stone and a Deepslate Lapis Lazuli variant. Deepslate deposits are the only place where you can find the Deepslate Lapis Lazuli.

It is best to mine Lapis Lazuli by digging horizontal shafts every 2 levels at 64-64. Due to the two spawning batches, Lapis Lazuli’s ore will be concentrated between 30 and 32. 

Lapis Lazuli Ore must be mined with a minimum of a stone pickaxe. You should not use wood or gold. Lapis Lazuli Ore can be broken down into Lapis Lazuli products when it is mined. Lapis Lazuli can also be extracted with a Silktouch pickaxe and melted in a furnace to make Lapis Lazuli.

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