Jandel is one half the Wacky Wiz development team. But he has a secret ingredient somewhere in the Overworld. It’s called Jandel’s Head and looks almost like a cartoon monkey’s skull. This secret ingredient can be found behind a cactus and in front Glinda, the Witch’s Cave.

Head to the desert biome to find the Jandel’s Head ingredient. Once you are in the desert, cross over the railway tracks bridge to reach another side. You can then turn left to go towards the cave where Glinda is found.

A cactus is located just outside the cave, as well as a partially submerged skeleton in the sand. The Jandel’s Head ingredient is connected to this skeleton. The mystery of Jandel’s fate in this strange world remains unsolved. Your mission is now complete. Grab Jandel’s Head and teleport to your cauldron.

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Players can make many secret potion recipes with the Jandel’s Head ingredient.

  • Jandel (14)
  • Wizard (62)
  • New Zealand (125)
  • New Zealand Mount (P67).

Jandel’s Head, which is a secret ingredients, can’t be kept on your tables forever. You must go to Glinda, the Witch’s cave in order to get Jandel’s head every time you need it.

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