Where to find Ice Machines in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 – All Ice Machine locations

Where to find Ice Machines in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 – All Ice Machine locations

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Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 is in its second week. Players will face various challenges, including finding Ice Machines throughout the map. Players will be rewarded with different Floppers or Fish for interfacing with the Ice Machines. 

You can find 33 Ice Machines all over the map. A few are located near major POIs. Others are closer to unnamed landmarks. To locate all Ice Machines in Fortnite Chapter 3 season 2 Season 2, please refer to the map and list below:

Screenshot by Cheaterboss.net, via Fortnite.gg

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  • Located east-of Washout Wharf.
  • You will find it at the Gas Station east Wreck Ravine Landmark
  • The Gas Station at Sleepy Sound POI
  • The Gas Station is west of Camp Cuddle POI
  • The smallest hut is located at Camp Cuddle’s southern edge POI
  • The Gas Station at Coney Crossroads POI
  • Ice cream shop in Coney Crossroads POI
  • In the small hut north of Coney Crossroads, POI
  • South of Coney Crossroads POI, at Dirt-Cut Circuit Landmark
  • The entrance to the small building located at The Daily Bugle POI’s southern edge.
  • The small Garage is east of the Daily Bugle POI
  • The Gas Station, north-east of The Fortress POI
  • Near the small hut in Loot Landing National Monument
  • The Gas Station, south of Tilted Towers POI
  • Behind the building located at the northern edge of Tilted Towers POI.
  • The building is located in the middle of Tilted Towers POI
  • Near the hut at the Gas Station at Tilted towers POI
  • The Minnows Landmark is west of Greasy Grove POI
  • Greasy Grove POI Gas Station
  • Near the beach, at the hut east of the Lil’Shaftie Mark, east of the Synapse station POI
  • The Sandblast Estate Landmark is south of Chonker’s Speedway POI
  • Near the Chonker’s Speedway building POI
  • The Gas Station is east of Butter Barn Landmark
  • In the small hut at the southern end of Butter Barn Mark
  • The Butter Barn Landmark’s grey room
  • At the Central Gas Station, northeast Rocky Reels POI
  • Near Rocky Reels POI’s small green hut
  • The Gas Station, north of Condo Canyon POI
  • Condo Canyon POI is located in the west part of Condo Canyon.
  • Near Condo Canyon POI.
  • Condo Canyon POI is located in front.
  • POI: At the Gas Station east Of The Joneses
  • Beyond the beach at Tow-Away Beach Landmark to east of The Joneses PoI
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These are the Ice Machines that players can find on this map at the moment. This list will be updated as soon as Ice Machines are added to the game by the developers.

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