Where to find Glow Lichen in Minecraft

Where to find Glow Lichen in Minecraft

Glow Lichen is a unique plant type in Minecraft, and to get it, you must search both in the ocean and in various caves in the game. You will also find it on various blocks such as stone, granite or deep slate. 

Glow lichen can also be left alone to grow, spread to other blocks, and function similarly to vines. You can also spread glow lichen’s growth by using bone meal. It will spread to the next block.

You will need to make glow lichen by making a pair of shears that are enchanted with silk touch. Any other method will cause the plant to die. 

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Make shears with the following pattern. Place two iron ingots at the bottom of the crafting table and place the other one in the top slot.

You will need the silk touch to enchantment once you have obtained the shears. Trade with merchants, such as librarians, until you can find the book. Once you have the book, you can enchant your shears and then collect as much glow lichen from caves as you like.

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