Fortnite Gatherers Locations – What are Gatherers?

Fortnite Gatherers Locations – What are Gatherers?

Fortnite has a new boss fight that randomly appears on the island. To defeat it and the probes it spawns, you will need skill and cunning. You will be able to get a legendary Rocket Launcher if you manage to do so. There are also many other loot to help you. If you’re trying to defeat the Gorger, then you should be looking at the probes.

How to Find Gatherers

Find Gatherers in Fortnite by searching for a Gorger. They appear randomly on the map, in predictable places. They often appear near the edges of designated locations and are present in every game of a normal match. You can find their location by looking at the red beam from the sky that appears at the start of each match. After you have engaged with the Gorger, it will produce smaller probes called Gatherers.

Gorger spawn locations map in FortniteGorger spawn locations map in Fortnite

The Gorger will let you have two Gatherers when it starts your fight. You can shoot at the Gorger’s spawned Gatherers to inflict damage. The Gorger’s yellow glowing engines, its eyes, and the yellow openings that release a Gatherer can all be hit. You will need to destroy both of the Gatherers released by the Gorger in order to make it open again.

The Gorger's weak pointsThe Gorger's weak points

You’re probably trying to complete the Gatherer’s challenges of dealing 10,000 damage or destroying 20 Gatherers. week 4. After knocking down a Gatherer you have a limited time to pick it up and make it a weapon. If you miss the chance to grab it, the Gatherer will begin to emit a beep and explode. To complete both of these challenges you’ll need to be near the Gatherer to grab it and use it immediately as a weapon.

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Two fire modes are available for the Gatherer weapon. One fire mode is a single shot that can cause damage to the Gorger, regardless of whether the weak-spots have been exposed. The fire button can be held down to unleash a large projectile which will explode upon contact with a surface. This will cause AOE damage to any object that is near the explosion. You will lose the weapon if you charge it up. If you wish to use it as a weapon, you will need another downed Gatherer.

You will need to grab a Gatherer that is already down and then destroy all others released by the Gorger. As long as the Gorger doesn’t eliminate you, it is possible to complete this task in one fight. You will do a lot more damage towards the 10,000. You can do this challenge with your friends. Gather some Gatherers, grab some buddies, and get ready to deal damage. They can also be used against other players so that you can do more damage. You could also use the weapon against loot sharks or henchmen.