Where to Find Bottles of Ghoulish Green at Shanty Town in Fortnite | Where is Shanty Town?

Where to Find Bottles of Ghoulish Green at Shanty Town in Fortnite | Where is Shanty Town?

We were instantly introduced to Toona Fish, a customizable character in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8. To make him unique, you will need ingredients such as Rainbow Ink or jars with different colors. These jars can be found at some well-known locations while others can be found at less-known landmarks. We will explain where to locate the Ghoulish Green bottles at Shanty Town in this guide.

You’ll first need to find the right place. The blue marker on the map shows where Shanty Town is located. It is located in the southwest corner, west of Sludgy Swamp.

The ghoulish green bottle locations in Shanty TownThe ghoulish green bottle locations in Shanty Town

You can see individual ink bottle locations from an overhead view of Shanty Town in the image to your right. Follow the instructions below to see detailed directions on how to locate them.

  • Bottle #1: Directly above the Pipe fixture, in the middle Shanty Town.
  • Bottle #2: Under the shack at the southern edge, near some Slurp Barrels.
  • Bottle #3: Under a shack near the northern edge.

Styling Toona Fish

You can access the page to edit Toona Fish’s style in your locker if you have all the bottles of that particular color. Each full-color set also comes with character styles that allow you to make Toona fish look like Red Knight or Cuddle Leader. These character styles are available with Rainbow Ink. This is the ink that you get from your chests during a match.

Check out our guide for instructions on how you can edit Toona Fish. How to Change the Character Style and Give Toona Fish Custom Colors in Fortnite.

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Once you find the bottles, check the color selections in the Main Menu. This color can be used to style Toona Fish!

Video Guide

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