Where to Find Bottles of Crystalline Blue in the Wreckage South of Dirty Docks in Fortnite

Where to Find Bottles of Crystalline Blue in the Wreckage South of Dirty Docks in Fortnite

We were instantly introduced to Toona Fish, a customizable character in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8. To make him unique, you will need ingredients like Rainbow Ink or jars with different colors. While some of these jars may be located at well-known places, others may be at lesser-known landmarks. We will explain where to locate the Crystalline Blue bottles south of Dirty Docks in this guide.

Please Note: The complete list of colors is available and we have the guides to help you find them! Follow this linkSee the complete list of colors available to customize your Toona Fish

You will first need to find the right place. The image to the left shows you the location that the game asks you to find. It is highlighted in blue. This means that you must go to the Mothership’s wreckage.

Crystalline Blue Dirty Docks Wreckage locationsCrystalline Blue Dirty Docks Wreckage locations

You can see individual ink bottle locations from an overhead view of Mount F8 in the image to your right. Below are detailed directions on how to locate them. It is easiest to complete the challenge by simply entering the pink tunnel and navigating your way to each ink bottle. You can always try again if you make a mistake.

  • Bottle #1: Under the platform in the southwest corner, inside the pink tunnel.
  • Bottle #2: Under the platform in the southeast corner, inside the pink tunnel.
  • Bottle #3: Inside the pink tunnel just north of actual shipwreckage on the eastern side.

Styling Toona Fish

You can access the page to edit Toona Fish’s style in your locker if you have all the bottles of that particular color. With each full color set you can unlock character styles, which allow you to dress Toona Fish up like Red Knight and Cuddle Team Leader. These character designs can be purchased using Rainbow Ink. Rainbow Ink is what you find in your chests while playing a match.

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Our guide gives detailed instructions on how you can edit Toona Fish. How to Change the Character Style and Give Toona Fish Custom Colors in Fortnite.

Once you have found the bottles, make sure to check your Toona Fish Ink Color List in the Main Menu. You can now style Toona Fish using this color!

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