Where to find Blazes in Minecraft

Where to find Blazes in Minecraft

Blazes are hostile flying mobs found in The Nether. They are extremely dangerous enemies. They are the only Minecraft creatures that can drop Blaze Rods. These Blade Rods are useful for making Blaze Powder. Perhaps you are looking for blaze Powder. craft Eyes of EnderAnd to finally find the End Portal. 

Blaze Rods can’t be bought or traded from any NPC. This makes them even more valuable. This is a time-consuming process, so this guide will speed it up. It will show you where to look for blazes and how to make Blaze Powder.

Blazes: Where can I find them?

Blazes are found in the Nether. nether fortressesThese fortresses can be found randomly in the Nether. It is possible to spend some time exploring before finding one.

To reach the Nether you will need to create a Nether portal in The Overworld. You will need 10 Obsidian Blocks As shown in the image above, you will need to build a portal measuring 4 x 5. After you have constructed the frame, it is time to equip it. Flint and steel To activate the Portal frame, approach it by striking your flint or steel.

Enter the Nether Portal when you’re ready. You might find yourself in the Nether for some time so make sure you have all you need. Be prepared to fight mobs so you have powerful items.

You can explore the Nether once you are there. You can find nether fortresses anywhere, as they are randomly generated. The nether fortresses are large towers, bridges, or corridors. 

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Many mobs frequent the nether fortress:

  • Blaze
  • Zombified Piglin
  • Wither Skeleton
  • Skeleton
  • Magma Cube

This means that you should be prepared to fight. You should search the nether fortress for as many blazes possible. You should search for a specific blaze. Blaze Mob Spawner. These are found in the nether fortresses and can be used to farm Blaze Rods. 


Once found, go to town on the Blazes until you feel you’ve gathered enough Blaze Rods to take home.

How to make Blaze Powder

It is easy to make Blaze Powder. Your Blaze Rods can be placed on the Crafting Table. That’s all you have to do – gather as much Blaze Powder as you need.

Note: If you’re here to make Blaze Powder for The Eye of Ender Recipe, 1x Blaze Rod = 2x Blaze Powder. 

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