Where to find Axolotls in Minecraft

Where to find Axolotls in Minecraft

Like Goats and Glow Squids, the Axolotl was also added with the 1.17 update for Minecraft, and they can be quite tricky to find. They could have been found in deep areas of the ocean and underwater caves when they first appeared. However, they can now be found in more specific locations as of the 1.18 upgrade.

Axolotls can now only spawn underwater at Lush Caves. This cave biome was added to the game in 1.17. You can find them using a few tricks, even though they generate less than other caves.

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  • Temperate Biomes – Lush Caves are a Temperate biome. They are found in warm, moist areas and almost always in a shade green.
  • Forested Biomes: If you’re adventuring in temperate biomes, be sure to look out for densely forested areas. Lush caves aren’t just for them; they also spawn underneath them.
  • Azalea Trees – Keep an eye out to Azalea Trees. These are Oak wood-based trees that grow at the surface above Lush Caves. If you find one of these trees in the wild it is likely that there is an underground Lush Cave. That means Axolotls are also there.

Once you have obtained at least 2 Axolotls you can then breed it with a Bucket Tropical Fish to get more. These are the only way to get Axolotls at the moment!

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