Where to find an End City in Minecraft?

Where to find an End City in Minecraft?

If you wish to discover an Finish Metropolis in Minecraft, you’ll first must kill the ender dragon in the long run. To kill the Ender Dragon, you’ll first find an finish portal through a stronghold after which use a number of eyes of ender to open the portal. 

When you could have performed this, it is possible for you to to enter the top and kill the Ender Dragon. It’s also possible to kill the dragon rapidly utilizing the strategy defined in our information how to kill the Ender Dragon with beds in Minecraft.

In brief, you’ll be able to kill the Ender Dragon by exploding beds when the Ender Dragon’s head reaches a sure level close to an obsidian pillar utilizing a technique known as One biking. If you wish to use this technique correctly to kill the dragon, we additionally advocate watching the video linked beneath. 

That being mentioned, as soon as the Ender Dragon is Killed, it is possible for you to to discover a Finish Metropolis by returning to the nether and looking one of many different islands. 

Nonetheless, getting to those floating islands is difficult, so we advocate bringing alongside some ender pearls. It’s also possible to use elytras, however that is extra should you already discovered one in the long run – should you handle to seek out an finish metropolis, search the ship for an elytra.

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