Where to find a Grenade Launcher in Fortnite

Where to find a Grenade Launcher in Fortnite

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1 received the 19.10 patch update. The Grenade Launcher did not receive any modifications. The official patch notesThe weapon was modified to be more efficient in the current season.

The Grenade Launcher can only be spawned in Rare Chests at the moment. Supply drops are not allowed. This weapon can also be obtained by eliminating sharks in this season. The Epic Grenade Launcher variant is the most commonly found in Rare chests. It deals 74 base damage and has a reload time of 2.85 seconds. 

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Grenade Launcher now has a new mechanic that allows projectiles to explode immediately after they bounce. This new feature will allow you to fire directly at your opponent for better results. The grenade explodes within 0.5 seconds of hitting the surface. 

Players will currently only be able to find the Epic or Legendary Grenade Launcher variants. The Legendary variant is 77 DPS and has 6 shell magazines capacity. It also deals 77 base damage. It takes just 2.7 seconds to reload and deals 220 damage to builds. 

This weapon is great for long-range and mid-range combat, especially if you have the height advantage. This gun is also effective against buildings, especially when you are outnumbered. You run the risk of inflicting injury on your own by firing it from close range. 

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