Where to find a Baller in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3

Where to find a Baller in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3

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Over the many seasons of Fortnite, players have seen and driven tons of vehicles—trucks, buses, boats, choppers, and even trolley carts. Since the beginning of Chapter 3 Season 3, the Baller has been unvaulted. This unique vehicle is made of the most toughest glass on the planet and can go in any direction. It can also grab onto things and can even give you a boost.

The Baller can be found in Rave Cave, a newly added POI. It is located near Command Cavern. You can also find rollercoaster tracks that are specifically designed for daring riders who want to zipline in their gyrospheres.

The best places to find a baller in Fortnite

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Rave Cave, which is mentioned above, is the best spot to visit to see if you can find a baller. There will be six Ballers spawning here. They will be located in three spots close to the POI. The exact locations can be seen on the map.

To the south, inside the Rave Cave entrance tunnel

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Two Ballers will be born at the tunnel entrance mouth, south of main POI. This is also where you will find the rollercoaster trains. Follow the rollercoaster tracks to reach other Baller spawning locations.

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To the east of Rave Cave, up on the platform

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Two Ballers will be spawned on the platform with graffiti-like colored tiles, just a bit east of the main Rave CavePOI.

The giant pink head

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A few Ballers may spawn on the POI’s main structure, just inside the head the Cuddle Leader.

Fortnite: How to drive a Baller

Although the Baller is easy to drive, it can be a bit difficult for those who are not familiar with its operation. It works in the same way as any vehicle. You can move in any direction you press. You can get out of sticky situations faster with the boost. Its grapple function functions in the same manner as Spiderman’s Web Shooters. To send your Baller flying, aim at a nearby structure to grab it. You can only swing as fast as your Baller, so use as much momentum as you can. It is important to note that the Baller’s charge depletes over time. Therefore, using boost and grapple will use more charge.

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