Where to farm Tokoyo Legume in Genshin Impact — Three Realms Gateway Offering Event

Where to farm Tokoyo Legume in Genshin Impact — Three Realms Gateway Offering Event

The Three Realms Gateway Offering runs for 40 days and is open to all ages February 17, 2022 to March. 30, 2022. It will be held in Enkanomiya under Watatsumi Islands. You can participate if you have met the following requirements.

  • Reach Adventure rank 30 or higher
  • Complete the Archon Quest Chapter II – Act II – Stillness, Sublimation of Shadow
  • Complete the Enkanomiya World Quest Erebos’ Secret

What is a Tokoyo legume?

Screenshot by Schachmatt.cc

Tokoyo Legumes can only be found in the Enkanomiya-filled Enkanomiya. These items are needed to solve many puzzles and unlock Teleport Waypoints. You should make sure to grab them as you travel.

One of the most distinctive characteristics of these plants is their ability to grow in a single location. First appearance as an illusionThey will become more obvious as you approach them with the Bokosu Box equipped. Because they blend into the background, this nuance can make it difficult for them to be identified at first.

We are here to help.Bokosu Box – equip it Watch the mini-map to see where you are located. Icon of the handThis is the map that shows where Tokoyo legumes are located. You can’t pick up the Legumes if you don’t have the Bokosu Box.

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Where can you find Tokoyo legumes

Image via HoYoverse’s Genshin Interactive Map

Tokoyo Legumes may be found in Enkanomiya Except for Dainichi Mikoshi. They are usually found in pairs and often clustered together in small groups. They can be hard to find so keep your eyes open. The expected respawn time for these plants is two real-time days. This is in line with the normal respawn rates for plants.

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Our guide is available here How to use the Bokuso Box in Genshin Impact — Three Realms Gateway Offering EventFor more information on how to manage this enormous event, visit www.stackoverflow.com