Where to Destroy Spooky TV Sets in Fortnite: All Spooky TV Set Locations

Where to Destroy Spooky TV Sets in Fortnite: All Spooky TV Set Locations

Foreshadowing Quests’ last mission, we will need to find and destroy all TV sets scattered around the island. It is quite simple; the hardest part is knowing where to search. Below is a list of TV sets that you will need to locate. For more information, see the map below.

The Spooky TV sets in Fortnite.The Spooky TV sets in Fortnite.

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  • The map’s western edge shows the first TV Set. It’s hidden behind a large bush, near the top of a hill overlooking the ocean. It is located south of Fancy View and north of the decrepit castle.
  • The second TV Set is located on the small, sandy island northeastern of Craggy Cliffs. It’s located in the middle.
  • The third TV Set can be found next to a pair trees on the southeastern slope of the large hill west from Dirty Docks. They are also situated just north of Canoe Lake.
  • The fourth TV set can be found at the base a large tree high up on a hill that overlooks the western side Lazy Lake. It will be just above the fishing lake.
  • The last TV Set is located at a campsite situated on a ledge south of Mount Kay. It is north from Camp Cod.
  • These are all the locations needed for this exciting new quest. After you complete this quest you will have completed the Foreshadowing questline.

    Video Guide

    You can use the YouTube video embedded below to see a video guide that will help you find all locations.

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