Where to Collect Symbols from Eliminated Cube Monsters in Fortnite

Where to Collect Symbols from Eliminated Cube Monsters in Fortnite

The third quest to earn the Ariana Grande Monster Hunter questline, is to collect Symbols of eliminated Cube Monsters in The Sideways. This quest is not set in stone, and many players are confused about where to find it. We will show you how to get there.

This can be frustrating because you don’t know where to look. To see the locations of the encounters as you go through the matches, look at your map before you begin. They are placed randomly and they change with every match.

Sideways Encounters locations in FortniteSideways Encounters locations in FortniteScreenshot taken by Cheaterboss.net

The blue outline of Sideways encounter locations can be seen in the image above. The encounter icon looks a bit like a purple Rift. Holly Hedges can also be seen as a permanent anomaly. This is another way to get into The Sideways.

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You will be taken to an alternate universe in which Cube Monsters will attack you. These are the Cube Monsters to be defeated to earn the Symbols. As shown in the picture below, you will see crystals fall off their bodies after they are destroyed.

Screenshot by Cheaterboss.net

To complete the quest, simply collect five crystals/symbols. They can be found by walking to the symbol and pressing the primary interaction key when the prompt appears on the screen. Once you have collected five, you can move on to the next quest.

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