Where to Collect Doomsday Control Keys from high security IO Locations in Fortnite

Where to Collect Doomsday Control Keys from high security IO Locations in Fortnite

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 has new Week 10 Resistance Quests that players can complete to aid the Resistance in its fight against the Imagined Order. Players are now tasked to steal key cards from high-security IO strongholds after they have successfully connected The Imagined to a Sanctuary loudspeaker.

Like all Resistance Quests challenges players must first establish a Device Uplink at a designated spot to receive further instructions by The Origin. To begin stealing the Doomsday Control Keys players must first set up a Device Uplink close to The Fortress or The Collider.

Where can you find Doomsday Control Keys at high security IO locations

Players will need to visit two high security IO locations to collect the keys— namely, The Fortress, and the newly added POI, The Collider. These POIs are guarded by IO guards, so be sure to have your weapons ready when entering. You can find the key cards on the ground. Once you get close to them, an exclamation mark will be added to the map.

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Players must establish a Device uplink near The Fortress and The Collider in order to begin collecting the keys. For an approximate location, refer to the map. The map will highlight its location once you’re near it. You can activate the device by simply walking over it. The Origin will then provide further instructions. To establish the Device Uplink, you only need to visit one of these POIs.

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Where can I find the Doomsday Control Keys?

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To collect the keys, players will need to visit The Fortress as well as The Collider. They can be found in certain places on the ground. For exact coordinates, refer to the map. The keys can be found south of The Fortress in the middle the campfire. The keys to The Collider are located east of The POI, just below the bridge that crosses the dried-up stream. Simply press the Interact key to retrieve them once you’re near them. The player will receive 23,000 XP for completing this quest.

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