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The roses are great, but what about the chocolate? This Valentine’s Day Week 11 quest will require you to locate all three.

How to find Pleasant Park, Holly Hedges or Retail Row chocolate boxes

All you have to do in order to complete the Week 11 quest is collect three boxes of chocolate. The chocolate boxes can be collected from Pleasant Park or Holly Hedges. You don’t have to visit all three locations in order to collect the two chocolate boxes at each location.

This quest requires that you pick up the box in the same way as you would for a weapon, potion or other item. Once you have collected three chocolate boxes, the quest is complete. This quest will earn you some easy XP.

We recommend starting to collect the boxes at Pleasant Park and Holly Hedges, as there are three locations. You’ll travel less if you avoid Retail Row as these two locations are close to each other in the region.

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  • Pleasant Park
    • The chocolate box is found on a bedside desk within a second-floor home. Pleasant Park’s eastern bottom is where you will find the box and the house.
    • The chocolate box can be found on the first floor, at a desk. This house and the box can be found in Pleasant Park’s western-center area.
  • Holly Hedges
    • The chocolate box can be found on a bench just beyond a gate, surrounded by shrubs. This box is located in the northern-center section of Holly Hedges.
    • Another chocolate box can also be found at a house with a dining table. This box and house are located in the lower-eastern section of Holly Hedges.
  • Row of Retail
    • The chocolate box can be found on the first upstairs bedroom of a house. This box and house are located in the middle of Retail Row.
    • The chocolate box can be found next to the cash register in the supermarket. The supermarket and the box are located towards the north end of Retail Row, just below the top-center.

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