Where to Collect Artifacts for Tarana in Fortnite | Tarana and Raz Spire Challenges Guide

Where to Collect Artifacts for Tarana in Fortnite | Tarana and Raz Spire Challenges Guide

On Tuesday, March 30, 2021, Fortnite released update v16.10, and along with it came a massive quest path for us to complete. Although there are many different types of challenges, some of them can be as easy as finding certain characters. This guide will cover the second section of the line of challenges, in which we must collect Artifacts to Tarana.

Fortnite: Artifacts for Tarana

Before we begin, if you were looking for the guide to a different part of this questline, you can find the complete list at the bottom of this article in the order in which they appear.

Boney Burbs is the best place to find all Artifacts. Follow the below guide to find them all in one match. We’ve shown the approximate location of each artifact in the image below.

Tarana's artifact locations.Tarana's artifact locations.

The first Artifact can be found in the corner of the town’s northeast corner. The Artifact is hidden behind a tree that grows inside. Because it glows brightly blue, it is easy to identify.

The second Artifact is in the large building in the middle of town. It is located at the bottom of the building and rests on a counter. The building’s very bottom refers to the lowest level at which it is partially submerged in the ground and not the first floor.

The third Artifact can be found underneath the steps connecting to the clock tower. It is located beneath the very bottom of the stairs that touch the ground.

Once you have all three Artifacts collected, the next step is to contact Tarana. Talk to Tarana again and she will assign you the final task: Find the Thief.

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Full Challenge List

  • Find Tarana
  • Collect Artifacts
  • Find the Thief
  • Play the Last Log
  • Collect a Cult Talisman from a Guardian
  • Obtain the Cult Artifact at the Spire
  • Harvest a Wolf Fang, Boar Tusk, and Three Chicken Feathers
  • Don the disguise and Strike Three Resonant Crystals
  • You can find the link to the step you need to complete the part of this series of challenges by clicking on the links above.

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