Where to Collect a Record and Place it in a Turntable in Fortnite

Where to Collect a Record and Place it in a Turntable in Fortnite

For the Ariana Grande Monster Hunter questline, the first task is to find a record and put it on a turntable. Turntables are a common party location in Battle Royale, where many players may know where they can be found. But few people know where to find records.

You can actually collect records right next to turntables! Below is a map that shows you where to find the most famous turntables.

Screenshot by Cheaterboss.net

You can see the location of the Apres Ski turntable, which is the iconic spot in the mountain southwest Misty Meadows. You will also see the location of the Believer Beach turntable.

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  • Apres Ski: The turntable and record player can be found in the southwest corner of Apres Ski.
  • Believer Beach: On the second floor, you will find the turntable located in the apartment building on the eastern side.

After you’ve reached one turntable in your reach, take a record out of the crate beside it and press the primary action button. Next, you will need to approach the turntable. Press the primary button to place the record. This will complete Ariana’s initial quest.

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