Players can decorate their Realm and create a magical World with the Serenitea Pot. Furniture pieces are the heart of customization, including fences, tables and pets.

Furnishing Blueprints can be used to make furniture. These blueprints contain instructions on how to make a particular piece. There are various ways you can obtain Furnishing Blueprints in the game—but the easiest is to buy them.


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You’ll find the address marked above in Monstadt. GothHe is the boss of Monstadt’s Furnishing Blueprint Seller and Goth Grand Hotel. He is seen standing on a bench facing the fountain and the Knights of Favonius Headquarters. Check the time before searching for him—he only appears in the daytime from 6:00 to 19:00.

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Goth sells only one of his wares. However, Blueprints work as recipes so you can make as much furniture as you want.

Take a look at his creations below.

  • Blueprint: Deadwood Road Sign—25,000 Mora
  • Blueprint: Simple Single-Person Tent—50,000 Mora
  • Blueprint: Lightning Protective Tent—50,000 Mora
  • Blueprint: Adventurer Camp—50,000 Mora


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You’ll find the following in Qingce Village: Master LuA Master Carpenter, and your source for Liyue Furnishing blueprints. He is always at the same place, day and night. This makes it easy to remember where he is.

Master Lu, like Goth, only sells one Blueprint. However, you can make as many furniture items as you wish from them.

Take a look at his creations below.

  • Blueprint: “The Adventurer’s Burdens”—50,000 Mora
  • Blueprint: Lone and Cautious Adventurer—50,000 Mora
  • Blueprint: Dialogue Twixt Ancient Tree and Rock—50,000 Mora
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Serenitea Pot

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Tubby, the reliable and trustworthy owner of the Serenitea Pot runs the Realm Depot. Here you can find a wide variety of Furnishing Blueprints, as well as premade Furnishings. If you are looking to purchase the Furnishing Blueprints section, remember to select the Furnishing Blueprints Section. Furnishings can’t be replicated and are sold as-is, so you will need to buy more.

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