You can read this article to learn how to find the mini-boss Zenitsu.

Who is Zenitsu’s boss

Zenitsu is based upon the character from the anime Demon Slayer. He can be fought as a mini boss in the game. He can be fought and earned EXP regardless of whether you’re a Demon, Slayer or both. However, Demons can obtain a quest to attack Zenitsu. Although he can be defeated solo, it is best to fight him with a group.

Where is Zenitsu’s boss?

To travel to Okuiya Village, first head to Garry (the NPC riding a horse and carriage), and then pay 100 Yen. Continue straight until you reach the village. Then, take a left. Continue down the road until you reach your first intersection. The first intersection will be on your left. You will see a red-roofed structure on your left. A house with a lantern is on the right.

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Continue straight until you reach the intersection with the two-boarded building to your right. Take a right turn onto the grass path that leads to telephone lines. Continue forward and cross the archway into this new area. You will reach Sakura Passage.

Continue on the dirt road, following the signs until you reach a fork in your path. Here you will be able to take the right-hand side. Continue forward until you reach another archway. Take care. It’s a good idea to be ready to fight. Zenitsu will attack your on sight. Once you’re ready, cross the archway, climb up the stairs and turn right. Then, you will run between the wall and the tree. Zenitsu will spawn at this point and start fighting.

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