It is no secret that collecting and owning the best pets is a great way to make a living. Pet Simulator XMany players consider this a top goal and are eager to learn the best ways to achieve it. has put together a short guide that will help you in your pet-collecting journey. You can find more information below on each of these topics.

Traveling Merchant details

Where is the Traveling merchant?

You will receive notification from Spawn World that the Traveling merchant has appeared in your server. They can be found either in the Shop Area or Trading Plaza. Look for the large wooden cart marked Traveling Merchant to locate them.

What time does the Traveling Merchant spawn.

Every 50 minutes, the Traveling Merchant will spawn on your server. If you happen to be able to see them and wish to make a purchase at their shop, do it fast as they leave after only 10 minutes.

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Who is the Traveling merchant?

The Traveling Merchant is not a fully-fledged NPC, but they are an integral part of Pet Simulator X. This shop owner is able to bring three rare pets with him every time he appears. Players can buy them for as little as five million to as many 70 million Diamonds. Oftentimes, the Traveling Merchant has a very low stock of pets—it’s typically first come first serve as to who takes them home!

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