Where is the Stack Shack in Fortnite?

Where is the Stack Shack in Fortnite?

You can find landmarks on Fortnite’s map, but they are not named. You won’t be able to tell if you’re actually in a place until you enter it, and then the name of it appears on your screen. You might not know where you should look if you are trying to find Stack Shack. If you want to finish one of your weekly challenges, we have the spot for you!

Where is the Stack Shack located?

Stack Shack can be found on the western side of the map. You will find a small island just off the edge. Here you’ll find a small shack equipped with a chest, fishing supplies, and a few other items.

It’s located right between Sweatysands and Holly Hedges. However, it is further west on the A4 portion. You should look out for the island that has the yellow trees, rundown shack and on it.

Why do people search for Stack Shacks?

As part of the week 6 challenge, you will have to go there to capture a weapon. This is a simple challenge. There’s also a barrel with fishing poles right outside the shack. The goal is to be able land on the barrel and then fish for the weapon. Weapons can be caught in normal waters and fishing hot spots. You don’t have to locate an active spot to finish the challenge. This island will be very active once it’s released, so you might want to either wait or join Team Rumble.

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