Find the Legendary Sword Dealer Blox Fruitsis vital for anyone looking to create a unique weapon that’s different from others. It can be difficult to locate this NPC, unfortunately. We have put together this short guide to assist you in finding every location where the disappearing bladesman can be found.

Café Manager

We will not be listing the Legendary Sword Deal’s spawns but we want to point out that you have the option to view more information about his exact location from the experience. Inside of the Second Sea café you’ll find the Manager—he will offer you insight as to when the Legendary Sword Dealer will show up in your server. You must complete Bartilo’s quest before you can speak with the Manager.

Bartilo can also be found inside of the Second Sea café and will offer you a mission so long as you are over level 850. If you’re sure, Bartilo will ask you to complete the following:

  • Kill 50 Swan Pirates
  • Jeremy the boss is out!
  • Unscramble a Code to Free a Group of Prisoners

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Once you have completed all the requirements, you can return to Bartilo and complete the quest. Only then will you be able to speak with the café Manager. Below are the dialogue prompts of each Manager and their meanings.

  • Are you new to the island?
    • You are not 850 and have not completed the Bartilo quest
  • It’s too early to be here. 
    • Before you can speak to the Manager, you must wait at least 10 minutes after you have joined the server.
  • Some pirates said they ran into him on a nearby island last week. Keep checking back, I’ll let ya know what I hear.
    • For the next phrase, you must wait for 3 hours
  • One man who was in this room claimed to have seen his ship nearby earlier. Keep checking back later.
    • For the next phrase, you must wait for 1.5 hours
  • He should get here quickly, that’s what everyone in this room has been talking about.
    • It takes 10-20 seconds for the next sentence to be completed. Try talking with him frequently.
  • He was just there, I saw him! He said that he would be around for 15 minutes. Good luck!
    • You have fifteen minutes to locate the Legendary Sword dealer before he vanishes or someone else from your server purchases him and makes him go.
  • Meh, it was not too far ago. 
    • The Legendary Sword Dealer has been despawned or left
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Spawn locations

It’s not necessary to speak to the Manager, although it can be helpful to know when the Legendary Blade Dealer will arrive. He can be found by players simply moving from spawn to spawn until they find him. Below are his seven spawn points.

  • The Colosseum’s arches
  • Near the center of tunnel beneath the Kingdom of Rose
  • Attached to the Green Zone’s tallest beanstalk on a leaf high.
  • Near Fajita, behind a rock formation of the Green Zone
  • The Graveyard’s central peak
  • Behind the Factory is the grassy area to the east of Jeremy
  • The inside of Usoap’s Island’s center house

Keep in mind, as mentioned, that once the Legendary Sword Dealer has spawned you will only have fifteen minutes to locate him before he disappears for three to five additional hours.

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Three swords are sold by the Legendary Sword Dealer for 2,000,000 Beli each. These swords can be purchased at:

  • The Shisui blade
    • This is the most legendary of the three legendary swords. It’s also considered one of the top Blox Fruits swords due to its high damage.
  • The Saddi knife
    • This blade is considered the medium tier of the three legendary blades
  • The Wando blade
    • The most legendary of all the three legendary blades

Players will be able to purchase and combine all three of these swords, which will grant them the True Triple Katana. This is an extremely powerful and mythical weapon.

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