Where is Mjolnir in Fortnite?

Where is Mjolnir in Fortnite?

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Thor’s hammer was dropped onto the map, and it left a large crater you can visit. To prove your worth and win Mjolnir you must locate the location of the Krater and lift the Hammer from its resting spot.

You will need to travel south from Salty Springs to find Mjolnir, which can be found in Fortnite. It is located in the large crater created by the very heavy hammer. Mjolnir lies in the middle the crater at the coordinate C5.

Mjolnir location mapMjolnir location map

You will need to prove that you are worthy of your Battle Pass level 8. You will need to go to the spot shown above to grab the Hammer of Thor. After you have obtained the hammer of Thor, your pickaxe will become Mjolnir. You will be able now to put it in your locker. This completes the Mjolnir awakening challenge, which will allow you to start your quest for all the new cosmetics this season.

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