Where is Camp Cod in Fortnite? (Season 3)

Where is Camp Cod in Fortnite? (Season 3)

If you don’t know the layout of Chapter 2, you may not be able to find all the landmarks. The map became even more complicated because of all the water that submerged it and made it difficult to find certain areas. One of these locations is an island of good size that didn’t return to the map until late in the season.

Camp Cod is located where?

Camp Cod is located on the very southwest corner of map at coordinates G8. It is a large island that Camp Cod has taken over, along with what appears like a junkyard or camp ground and a dock. The island even has a small farm and a big house nearby. This could indicate that someone is living off the grid.

It is located southwest of Misty Meadows, and just south of Catty Corner. You won’t see many players landing there in the normal course of events because it’s quite out of the way.

Why Camp Cod is so popular?

There’s a problem. Week 9 of Fortnite Chapter 2: Season 3The task you will need to complete is to light three fires. You can light one fire at a time, although there are only a few campfires around. A campfire can be started for free the first time, and you can relight it each time for $30. It is limited to two times, but you can relight the fire with 300 wood. You can also use the other campfire if you don’t have these resources.

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