Where do Wolves Spawn in Fortnite? Best Wolf Spawn Locations (Chapter 2 Season 8)

Where do Wolves Spawn in Fortnite? Best Wolf Spawn Locations (Chapter 2 Season 8)

Fortnite’s most beloved wildlife is the Wolves. They are easy to handle, can pack a powerful punch once they reach the enemy team and make great distractions during a firefight. Although they have been around since Chapter 2 Season 6, their spawn points have changed several times. This guide lists all current spawn points as well as the best places to locate them.

Below is a map showing two colors for highlighted areas. The yellow highlights are the locations where they have spawned. They are more likely to roam than they are to spawn in these areas. These are the most likely areas to find them. You can refer to the directions below the map for more details.

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Wolf spawns in Fortnite C2S8P18.10Wolf spawns in Fortnite C2S8P18.10

  • Spawn Locations Known
    • Northeast corner of Stealthy Stronghold
    • Southwest corner Stealthy Stronghold
    • The southern edge of Believer Beach
    • Boney Burbs West
    • Northwestern corner of Weeping Woods
    • Southeastern corner, Weeping Woods
    • Nord of Primal Pond (Landmark located in the hills southwest Defiant Dish).
    • Northeast corner of Loot lake
    • Near the Loot lake bus stop
    • Just south of the gas station, west of Misty Meadows
    • In the hills around Destined Dish, southeast of Misty Meadows
    • In the two mountains to south of Retail Row
    • At the eastern end of Lake Canoe
    • To the southeast of Craggy Cliffs,
  • Top Locations
    • Southwest of Boney Burbs
    • All through the Weeping Woods
    • In the hills west Misty Meadows
    • Between the mountains and Retail Row is the grass area to the south of Retail Row
    • Stealthy Stronghold
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These are the top locations for Fortnite wolves to be found! Have fun hunting!

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