Where are Minecraft screenshots saved? – How to find Minecraft Screenshot Folder

Where are Minecraft screenshots saved? – How to find Minecraft Screenshot Folder

It varies from one platform to the next if you want to know where your Minecraft screenshots are saved.

 For the Java version of Minecraft, all screenshots once taken are saved to the app data folder for the game. Check the following folder to locate your Java Minecraft screens.

  • C:UserspcusernameAppDataRoaming.minecraftscreenshots

It is easy to locate the folder by simply going into your main drive’s user folder and searching for the folder that bears the name of your computer. 

In file explorer, click view at the top of your screen to enable hidden items. You will see an option to enable hidden objects once you click view.

This option will enable you to see the AppData directory, click it, and then locate the roaming folder within the AppData. Under roaming you will see the Minecraft folder marked.minecraft. Inside this folder, you’ll find a folder called screenshots.

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We recommend that you create a shortcut to the screenshot folder by right-clicking the file and then clicking the create shortcut button at the bottom. 

You can also find the AppData folder by holding down the Windows key and r and pasting %appdata%. This will take you to the AppData directory. From there, you can locate the Minecraft screenshot folder by following the same steps as manual.

Players can also find the Minecraft screenshot folder at the following locations.

PlatformScreenshot FolderJava UsersC:UserspcusernameAppDataRoaming.minecraftscreenshotsMacOS Users~/Library/Application Support/minecraft/screenshotsWindows 10 Bedrock UsersTo find your screenshot folder you will need to first take a screenshot using the game overlay by pressing both the windows key and g and then locate C:Users(yourusername)VideosCapturesLinux Users~/.minecraft/screenshots

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