When is the Allay coming to Minecraft?

When is the Allay coming to Minecraft?

Minecraft now has over 30 mobs that add life and color to its world. Minecraft developers give fans the opportunity to vote once per year for new mobs to be added to their game. One of these votes was won by the Allay. These cute and useful little creatures could be a great help for your projects. The Allay is coming to Minecraft.

The Allay will be added into Minecraft with the 1.19 Wild update, which will be released in 2022. Minecraft Live 2021 was the final event in which players voted for the mob. It beat out two other potential mobs, The Glare and The Copper Golem.

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The Allay is a friendly little mob that loves collecting and music blocks. According to Mojang, you can give an item, such as a block, to these creatures, and they will go around collecting that same item to bring back to you. They won’t pick up blocks, but they will grab items on the floor. This can be a huge help when you are sorting through your chests or working on a project.

We don’t have all the details about the new mob but we know that the Wild update will bring the Allay. As we get into 2022 we expect to hear more information about the Allay. This includes where it can be found and how we can manage it.

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