When does Minecraft Championship (MCC 18) start?

When does Minecraft Championship (MCC 18) start?

The Minecraft Championship (MCC), an informal Minecraft event, is held several times per year. It pits teams of Minecraft streamers against one another in a variety game modes. After a brief break, the championship is back with their monthly schedule.

MCC 18 will take place on October 23, 2021 at 2 p.m. CST. This event will be similar to MCC 11. It will be Halloween-themed and focus its game environments around paranormal entities. The game list has not been released by the hosts as per usual.

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These teams were announced as being in the game

  • Red Ravens
  • Orange Oozes
  • Mustard Mummies
  • Lime Liches
  • Green Goblins
  • Cyan Centipedes are currently empty
  • Aqua Abominations (currently vacant)
  • Blue Black Cats (unconfirmed, likely to change) (currently vacant)
  • Violet Vampires are currently empty
  • Fuchsia Frankensteins currently empty

Official MC Championship Twitter stated that costumes must be worn! On Oct. 23, paranormal Minecraft skins will compete for the spotlight.

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