When do you get the Apple skin in Fortnite?

When do you get the Apple skin in Fortnite?

You are probably wondering when the Tart Tycoon skin will be given to you if you have earned the 10 points in the #FreeFortnite Cup. It’s going take a while longer than you think. The skin isn’t yet in the game so you won’t be rewarded immediately. This post will tell you how long you should wait to get it.

Update: You should have skin out by now!

If you haven’t received the skin yet, you should get it as soon as possible. Epic support should be contacted if the skin doesn’t arrive within a few business days.

Within three weeks of the event’s conclusion, you will receive the Epic Apple skin. Although this is unlikely, it could take longer. Although I expect the skin to be ready within one week, it’s possible that they will need to stretch it further. These are the rules for the #FreeFortnite Cup. You can see them here. here.

Epic will not release the cosmetic immediately. Epic is ramping up for Chapter 2 Season 4’s big launch, so the cosmetic will be available in the files shortly after the big 14.00 patch. You should receive the cosmetic as soon as it is added to your game.

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