Mojang, the Minecraft development company is changing how they update to Minecraft version 1.17. They are not releasing the new version on a single date, but instead, they will release it in separate patches at different dates. The team stated they did it to speed up the debugging process. They also realized that there was too much content being added to keep their original release schedule.

We are now faced with the following question: When will each part of Caves and Cliffs be updated?

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We have an easy answer: Part 1 of the update will be released on July 8, 2021. The 1.17 version number will be used in the first part. While it will not include any major changes in world generation, we can expect new animal blocks and other features to keep our attention until the second.

Part 2 is not due to be released at this time. Mojang has however scheduled Part 2’s release for the holiday season 2021. We can expect the updates to take place approximately six months apart. Part 2 of Caves and Cliff updates will use version 1.18 instead of an extension to 1.17. It will include major changes to the game which have a significant impact on world generation.

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