Fortnite has had weekly challenges since its inception. We usually receive 10 weeks of challenges when a new season begins. These are meant to cover the entire season. The seasons are usually extended, and new challenges will be added.

Each week, Fortnite challenges are released at 6 a.m. PDT. These challenges are only available for the time they are available. This usually corresponds to the ten weeks that were originally scheduled in Battle Pass. After the initial run of the game, additional challenges may be added. These will provide additional XP and allow you to get new skins.

Here are some examples of other time zones and when they will begin in your area.

  • 8am CDT (Central Time).
  • 9am Eastern Time (EDT)
  • 2pm BST (British Time).

The challenges you face will vary in the amount of work required to meet them. You may need to collect chests, ammo box, or a unique item Epic has placed on the map. There will be many elimination-based challenges that require you to be in a specific area. These are best done in Team Rumble. There are also a number of challenges that you will need to overcome the Henchmen, which can be found throughout the map. These NPCs are very easy to defeat, but if you’re caught with no weapons or other resources, you might find yourself in serious trouble.

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3 is currently underway. There are the usual 10 challenges. Although we don’t know if there will be any delays, due to the long delay in cars, you can expect additional challenges to be added after the last week. All these challenges are covered in a variety of guides that we have available. here.

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