This game has a strong resemblance with the popular non-Roblox game. The Sims, Welcome to BloxburgRoblox offers one of the most realistic and realistic life simulation experiences. However, this is where players start to question what their real lives are like. After a bit of digging, players found it—the ability to craft and program. These two skills are not available in Welcome to Bloxburg. When will they be added? These are not easy questions to answer.

Crafting skill details

We don’t know how to get the Crafting skill up or what it will look like. However, we think it will work similar to The Sims’ Handiness skill. Players will be able buy and work at a type of crafting or woodworking tables to create furniture, decor, and more. Players could use the Crafting skill to repair broken household items or upgrade appliances and other household items. This skill, if implemented, could be linked to the Mechanic job currently in the experience.

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Programming skill details

The Programming skill is similar to the Crafting skill. However, the details of its development remain a mystery. Players who wish to improve their programming skills can expect to spend much of their time on the computer. Although it is not known if the skill will lead to a new job, we don’t rule out the possibility of a career in game design. Programming could be a side hustle for Robloxians, allowing them to make extra income by selling their designs or taking on freelance projects.

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What skills are available right now?

There are eight more skills that Bloxburg needs, including programming and crafting skills. You can find our guides below if you are interested in learning more about them.

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